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Rentokil selected Percept from the creative marketing agencies in Sydney for the design of these promotional brand activation projects.

Case Study

Creative Marketing & Brand Activation

Rentokil worked with Sydney agency Percept to strategise and design their creative marketing campaigns and brand activation efforts targeted at corporate and hospitality markets.

The challenge was to develop creative marketing solutions that would refresh the company’s brand image within these industries, while maintaining Rentokil’s existing brand recognition.

Percept worked very closely with the client to develop a customised promotional giveaway item for Rentokil’s corporate clients. Percept handled the entire process, from concept, to copywriting, design, production and fulfilment.

The end result was the Brand Defenders brand activation.

Percept’s creative marketing approach on this brand activation allowed them to develop the strongest solution for the client. Brand Defenders was more than just a badge; instead it captured a superhero/protector feeling that would leave companies knowing that they are safe with Rentokil’s pest control services.

Reputation was singled out as the most valuable asset a business has, and when it comes to defending your brand against pests, Rentokil was the expert to trust.

The tagline ‘with great brands comes great responsibility’ was an intentional twist on the classic Spiderman line, however it did capture the essence of the campaign.

It had immediate cut-through and an exciting response from both the client and the end consumer.

The Rentokil red and the existing logo were strong and essential design elements in the marketing activation.

Percept also developed a customised promotional giveaway item of a USB card, which was branded in the same theme.

As their creative marketing agency, Percept also developed an advertising promotion which targeted the hotel industry.

We came up with the concept of ‘Sleep Tight’ for the brand activation, which spoke directly to the hotelier, offering peace of mind that their company was safe in Rentokil’s hands.

As Rentokil’s creative marketing agency in Sydney, Percept has continued to develop successful marketing campaigns and brand activation projects based on strong and strategic creative.



Creative Marketing & Brand Activation

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