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Sennheiser worked with graphic design agency, Percept, to develop a point of sale design and promotion design that ran as a retail campaign throughout Australia.

Case Study

Promotion Design / Point of Sale Design by Percept Graphic Design Agency

The Challenge

Sennheiser is a German audio company (and globally recognised brand), specialising in the design and production of a wide range of both high fidelity electronics and consumer products. Their range includes headphones, which were the product they wanted help with. They approached graphic design agency, Percept, to create their point of sale design and promotion design for a retail campaign.

This point of sale design (POS design) and promotion design project, was to improve sales and it ran in-store as a retail campaign. It was a spin-off of the ‘Your Sound, Your Sennheiser’ advertising campaign that graphic design agency, Percept, had already created. This point of sale promotion asks consumers to engage in-store, to win attractive prizes.

The Solution

Graphic design agency, Percept, are experienced in this area. The point of sale design, which ran through JB Hi-Fi stores throughout Australia, included the promotion design and development of various elements which make up the in-store, retail campaign, including posters, wobblers, header cards, mirror surrounds and floor decals.

With so many pieces to this retail campaign, and with consistency being key to brand reach, graphic design agency Percept developed a trade presenter which was sent to each branch of the retailer, to explain to store staff the competition details and best set-up for the promotion at the location.

If you need a graphic design agency for promotion design or point of sale design, Percept welcome your enquiry.


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