Sinc Solutions

Brand Consultants

Brand consultants, Percept, are corporate identity designers in Sydney, Australia. As brand consultants, Percept's strengths are in brand positioning, branding strategy and corporate identity design.

Case Study

Brand Consultants & Corporate Identity Designers

Brand consultants, Percept, were selected as the corporate identity designers for this project for Sinc Solutions in Sydney, a company that primarily advise local governments in Australia.

Brand consultants, Percept, worked with Sinc as their corporate identity designers to position their brand appropriately. This included brand positioning, branding strategy and corporate identity design.

The deliverables required of Percept as the brand consultants on this corporate identity design project were brand logo design, corporate colours, brand look and feel, graphic design, website design, stationery suite, brochures and advertising.

All these elements combine to form the corporate identity and graphic design style for Sinc Solutions. As brand consultants, Percept, developed a corporate identity that focuses on the solutions part of the client’s name because as consultants themselves, this is their expertise.

Being concept driven corporate identity designers, Percept’s brand strategy was to create a visual language that makes a symbolic promise.

If you are interested in hiring brand consultants, Percept, contact us to discuss your brand positioning, branding strategy project. We’d love to be your corporate identity designers.