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Percept design consultancy Sydney were appointed for the corporate identity design of this Australian tech company.

Case Study

Design Consultancy Sydney / Corporate Identity Design

Need brought Percept design consultancy Sydney in for their corporate identity design. Realising that the key to success for their new Australian tech company’s business idea was to have a strong brand in the competitive marketplace.

Design consultancy Sydney, Percept, created approachable, fresh and modern branding for this Australian company, that reflected their brand positioning.

The actual logo design symbolises the way the Need portal works. Employers post their role requirements, recruiters bid for their exclusive work, while Need is the central element that is key to the outcome.

Once the back end was completely functional, creative branding and design consultants Sydney, Percept, presented the front end of their corporate website design to reflect the high end technology used in the Australian company’s product.

Percept design consultancy Sydney built on the branding that we had already established and developed that corporate website design so it was slick in operation and clear in communication design. The corporate website design was then built using HTML.

Business cards were then designed with clear communication design and layout, showcasing their new branding and their Australian head office contact details.

We also graphically represented their ‘10 Step Process’, quickly highlighting how Need works for employers and recruiters new to the concept to further explain the product of this Australian tech company.

Need also required a series of creative press advertisements, digital design and a corporate brochure design. Percept design consultancy Sydney created these items to increase branding and awareness to give potential contributors a reason to contact them.

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