Creative Campaign

Sydney creative agency, Percept, were chosen by this recruitment company to devise the concept for their direct marketing campaign.

Case Study

Creative Marketing Campaign

Percept Brand Design are an experienced creative agency based in Sydney. Skillquest chose us for the creative concept development and design for their direct marketing campaign.

The brief was to establish Skillquest Recruitment as a leading Sydney agency in their industry, emphasising why they are a better choice than their many competitors.

As the creative agency who won this project, Percept were required to keep to the existing Skillquest branding and colours. The main objective was to develop the creative concept, copywriting and design that would achieve cut through and speak with their audience.

Percept’s strategy was to position our client as being refreshingly different from most other recruitment agencies. We chose a strong conceptual focus that demonstrated they are just good at what they do.

To avoid blending in, we also wanted to avoid cliche images such as people shots and handshakes.

Skillquest agreed with the strategy. Keen to be perceived as different, they were prepared to break the industry mould in order to achieve this goal.

The result was a striking and bold conceptual piece that used no imagery.

Instead, it focused on the humorous aspect of searching for something that is hard to find.

The cover brought together some of the most renowned missing things, from the Loch Ness Monster to Area 51, to Wally. All very hard to find. Unless of course, you have the knack for finding things, just like the talented people at Skillquest.

They specialise in finding the needle in the haystack and it was through a good strategic creative solution, that we were able to sum up their strengths.

Percept helped our client stand out in a saturated recruiter market, distinguishing them in an original and memorable way.

This design of their direct marketing brochure also included the tagline ‘Finding the candidates that others find hard to find’. This creative copywriting was also developed by Percept to further reinforce the positioning, whist retaining a sense of fun.

Sydney creative agency, Percept, also designed the layout for the direct marketing brochure. We stayed on the typographic theme and utilised the corporate colours to really pop amongst most other DM brochures in that field.