Sydney 2000

Point of Sale Design

Graphic design agency, Percept, created point of sale design and logo pin graphic design according to the branding style guide for Sydney 2000.

Case Study

Graphic Design Agency for Logo Pins & Point of Sale Design

The Sydney Olympics were an exciting time for all, and graphic design agency, Percept, were fortunate enough to be involved on a professional level through our specialist design branding services, especially point of sale design.

Although graphic design agency, Percept, were not responsible for the design branding itself, we worked with the logo and associated brand style guide quite extensively. The majority of our work was for Aminco, an official merchandise licensee that manufactures collector pins.

Percept was appointed as the graphic design agency for the second set of official pins released, branded with the Sydney 2000 official branding.

There were 36 pins in all and they featured the design branding in its entirety or elements of the logo that could be used individually as allowed in stage one of the branding roll out style guide.

We dealt with SOCOG from design branding and refinement stages, through to final approval and production.

The most important stipulation in the brief to graphic design agency, Percept, was that the design branding for these products were to make them a sought after souvenir that would sell!

In addition to generic design branding for Sydney 2000 products, Percept was also commissioned as the graphic design agency to create logo pins for major partners and sponsors of the Sydney games.

These pins were used as morale boosters for the staff of these corporations and as goodwill giveaways providing value for their sponsorship dollar.

They were all to feature the Sydney 2000 logo and the corporate design branding of the sponsor’s company logo.

Backing cards for the logo pins were also created by Sydney graphic design agency Percept Brand Design, and were created for practicality as part of the point of sale design.

They are simple in design branding style to show off the product itself and confirm that it is an official licensed product through a security feature in the top left corner.

Percept worked closely with an industrial designer to achieve the end result of the point of sale design for the stands that displayed the Sydney 2000 official products.

The point of sale design featured stands that were constructed entirely from galvanised metal and featured a screen printed Sydney 2000 colour logo for maximum in store impact.

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