Branding Design

Dalya Australia chose to work with branding company, Percept, on their branding design and promotions for imported Turci food products.

Case Study

Branding Design by Branding Company, Percept

The Challenge

In need of branding design, Dalya was searching for a good branding company in Sydney, which they found in Percept.

Dalya Australia is an Australian owned, importing business dedicated to bringing quality food products to supermarkets and food service professionals alike, so everyone can benefit from the best food the world has to offer. They approached branding company, Percept, for help with their branding design and promotions.

The Solution

Branding company, Percept, initially worked with Dalya as their branding design service provider.

They needed to refresh their branding design so the logo would work as a corporate logo design as well as on their packaging design.

The result is simple eye-catching branding design. The logo device represents a strong structure based on natural shapes, communicating confidence, reliability and quality.

After successfully reinvigorating their branding design, the relationship with branding company, Percept, continued. Moving from branding design, to brand promotions for food products from existing brands that Dalya import such as Turci.

These brand communications consisted of deliverables that included product brochure design, sales presenters and design for trade show stands.

If you have a similar project and you’re looking for a branding design specialist to help you, Percept is a branding company that would like to hear from you.