Annual Report Design

Design agency, Percept, delivers a fresh, yet familiar take on the The Commission's annual report design for 2019–20.

Case Study

Annual Report Design

The Challenge

Having worked with design agency, Percept for over a decade, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (The Commission) was established by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to lead and coordinate national improvements in safety and quality in health care.

Each year an Annual Report is created to communicate significant events, developments and plans covered by The Commission over the past financial year. The annual report design is printed and is also accessible online.

Design agency, Percept, was once again approached to present the 2019–2020 edition of the annual report in a visually engaging way while keeping in line with their already established branding.

The Solution

A fresh yet familiar look and feel was used throughout the entire annual report design. This amplified the best of last year’s annual report, also created by design agency, Percept, using fresh, light colour tones and a modern emphasis on the brand’s circular shapes by using them in a bold, engaging way.

The combination of these elements are perfect for creating visually engaging section dividers and internal spreads. Clear information hierarchy makes the annual report content easy to read and follow, which is a key principle in good communication design.

The annual report design was presented as a print ready and web accessible PDF in order to cater for The Commission’s wide audience.

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