The opportunities are endless with this new brand identity and creative campaign for the NSW Government Graduate Program.


The Challenge

The Public Service Commission selected Sydney creative agency, Percept, from their NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme for this brand identity and creative campaign project. The NSW Government Graduate Program is expanding, not only in the amount of participants, but also what it is offering. The program itself is popular, but in order to fulfil its potential and compete better with corporate competitors, a new brand needed to be developed.

The new brand identity and creative campaign needed to communicate not only the benefits of working at NSW Government, but also break down long held assumptions (and misconceptions) about what it is like working there. It was vital that this was done in a way that is truthful and inclusive of the gender, age, ethnicity and location (city/rural) of graduates.

The Solution

Some perceptions about NSW Government work is that it might be a bit dull, that it’s not technologically savvy and that graduates will get stuck in one type of role forever. The new brand and creative campaign dispels these views by emphasising that with the one choice, there are endless opportunities for graduates all across the state.

The simple crossword-like mechanism of the brand identity is flexible and adaptable, allowing a matrix of different messages and attributes to show possibilities around a single entity. Pairing well with the warm, relatable portraits that portray a realistic view of the wide range of people working for the NSW Government by giving them a familiar and human touch.

As part of the brand identity project, Percept made a suite of posters, flyers, pull-up banners, web banners, powerpoint templates and worked with a videographer on a series of videos that bring brand campaign to life.



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