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Print document design and brochure layout for government health care in Australia.

Case Study

Print Document Design / Brochure Layout

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (known as ACSQH or the Commission) was established by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to improve the health care system in Australia.

On many occasions, Percept have been the creative agency Sydney engaged for government print document design and layout the various brochures that are required to communicate key information for particular initiatives in an effort to improve Australia’s health care system.

Print document design is a strength of Percept and in the case of this government brochure design, the layout was to appear clean, professional and effectively communicate the information to the reader.

As a result, we are always conscious to create interesting print document design to encourage the reading of the publication whilst treating the content as king.

Hierarchy of information is carefully considered during the print document design and layout process so key information can be found easily and understood quickly.

The graphic design is themed to suit each document and it’s driven by the concept of the initiative’s subject matter.

We design a range of concepts in the early stages for The Commission to choose from. Which, they have commented, can be quite hard for all the right reasons! Ultimately, the selected concept is rolled-out to finished artwork and sent to print.

The feedback we’ve received indicates that the print document design is doing a really effective job in the education of health care staff on the front line in Australian hospitals. It feels good for Percept, that in a small way, we’re helping to improve the system.



Print Document Design

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