When the CSIRO wanted an interactive PDF design, they came to Percept in Sydney.

Case Study

Sydney design company Percept, won the tender to create an interactive PDF design for the CSIRO Australian Sunshine Coast Climate Futures tool.

The interactive PDF design for this tool was developed to assist tourism operators in the Sunshine Coast to understand the range of impacts and opportunities that different climate futures may bring.

This digital tool was created as an interactive PDF design, with four climate future storylines, developed to highlight the potential climate changes relevant to Sunshine Coast tourism in Australia and help operators to identify a range of adaptation actions.

A comprehensive ‘my plan’ form was also developed for operators to consider their next step and what they can do to prepare your business and adapt for the future.

The plan helps them think through what they can do to manage the impacts of climate change. It also allows them to evaluate potential actions so that they can make the decision to implement them or not.

The design of the PDF needed to be engaging and simple, with good use of images to instantly convey the feel of various climate scenarios.

The navigation and digital design needed to be clear and easy to use to balance out the large amount of content. Percept felt that is was important to give the viewer (time poor business people) bite size pieces of relevant information to help get the message across quickly and easily.

Overall, the client reports that the response to the interactive PDF has been overwhelming and wonderful, with operators having rave reviews.



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