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Vehicle Livery Design – Percept branding agencies Sydney develop creative, yet sophisticated, fleet livery design that ensure a company's brand is not just noticed, but enhanced.

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Percept is among the top branding agencies in Sydney. As a leading branding agency, Percept will tell you that when it comes to vehicle livery design or fleet livery, a plain car, van or truck that looks the same as every other vehicle on the road will not get noticed. However, an attractive fleet livery design will be, if it is created by one of the branding agencies that does it well.

We’re not talking in-your-face, graphic-heavy, busy designs that try to communicate a thousand messages at once. Top branding agencies such as Percept, will just deliver simple, strong and well thought through vehicle livery design that is on-brand in order to improve a company’s reputation.

Branding agency, Percept, has over 26 years of experience in producing vehicle wraps and fleet livery design that make a lasting first impression and are memorable for the right reasons.

Fleet livery design in the form of vehicle wraps or signage is an effective marketing communications tool for advertising your brand. Branding agencies, such as Percept, can reinforce a company’s positioning and deliver a clear message to a wide audience. Although it is a form of mainstream advertising and marketing communications, you can reach a large pool of potential customers in a non-intrusive way by simply being on the road, which is great for brand awareness.

A specialist in branding strategy, Percept is one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney. Offering more than just creative branding, we are design thinkers too, with a basis in well thought out branding strategy and branding design. As one of the top branding agencies, Percept, approaches branding strategy holistically, providing comprehensive and integrated outcomes that help our client’s big picture.

We take great pride in creating fleet livery design for companies of all types that promote their brand and deliver the right message to maximise presence when on-the-go.

Regardless of the size of the company or what industry a business is in, engaging branding agencies, such as Percept, to develop an appropriate and professional vehicle livery design will give your branding strategy the cut-through it needs to achieve results.

If you care about how your company is perceived, please contact us. Percept would like the opportunity to be one of the Australian branding agencies that you shortlist. We look forward to discussing your project with you.