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Case Study

The Challenge

HelloCars, Australia’s first online car dealership, has been around since 2015 and offers customers the ability to buy, sell and subscribe to automobiles via an online platform. Their latest venture, Blinker, is a software and technology company that is changing the car rental game. Blinker uses the online subscription model to give car dealerships and OEMs the ability to adapt their offer to a younger audience in an ever-changing market. Percept were the appointed creative agency for this new brand development project.

The new brand needed to be bold and vibrant, yet welcoming and trustworthy to attract new customers. To be successful, the brand development had to find a balance between luxury automotive brands and the fast-paced world of tech startups. Fresh, vibrant and always on the move.

The Solution

The new brand development features a visual identity that is inspired by the intersection of the automotive industry and tech startup culture. An abstracted ‘B’ mark is created by overlapping headlight beams; forming a fresh, modern logo design that communicates quickly and effectively in print and in motion. The bright, fresh colour palette reflects the ever-evolving online nature of automotive brands, providing pop in the digital and social spaces they live in.

The overlapping shapes in the logo design create strong graphic elements that can be easily applied across the new brand development. These recognisable elements are crucial for a cohesive, consistently well-executed visual identity across all touch points, print and digital.



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