Byron Group

Visual Communication

Design agency, Percept, was selected as the visual communication designers for a series of company brochures owned by Australian company, Byron Group.

Case Study

Design Agency for Visual Communication

The Challenge

Byron Group consists of seven Australian owned and operated companies that design and manufacture a wide range of high quality equipment for the health, aerospace, emergency response and management industries. They were looking for a design agency with expertise in visual communication and found that in Percept.

The creative brief for brand designers, Percept the design agency, was to create a fresh direction for Byron Group with clear visual communication. The desire was to incorporate this into a new style of company brochure format which represents the parent company’s versatility as a manufacture and engineering solutions provider.

The visual communication style of the brochure design would present Byron Group as a professional, modern company with cutting edge technology and experience.

The Solution

Visual communication specialist, Percept is a design agency in Sydney. Percept’s brand designers created a visually appealing set of company brochures that focus on the visual communication of the various companies within Byron Group, yet each works well in isolation.

Design agency, Percept, utilised the design branding device derived from the star shape from the Byron Group logo to be used as a dynamic brand element that carries throughout the visual communication and marketing collateral for all companies. The lines around the star represent the various companies working together in synergy as part of the over-arching parent company.

Design agency, Percept, the visual communication and brand designers in Sydney, approached this brochure design project with practicality in mind, using an easy-to-follow format with two of the companies shown at a smaller size to represent the hierarchy within the group.

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