Creative advertising campaigns for retail food franchise company by the Percept agency in Sydney.

Case Study

Sydney’s retail food franchise Wellbeing approached Percept as their creative agency to conceptualise advertising campaigns. The ads were to position their brand in a market that had limited awareness of their Sydney stores.

They wanted a creative advertising campaign to inform the audience of the many health benefits they offered and their attitude towards food in general by using a tone of voice that didn’t seem too preachy.

Wellbeing love food. They’re passionate about creating the freshest, healthiest food that you can get. This Sydney food retail franchise believe in natural, simple, fresh food. Not only is their menu good for you, but it actually tastes good too!

Percept’s strategy was to design basic brand positioning ads first which familiarised the customer with the look of the store and the quality and range of food they could expect at Wellbeing.

After the positioning ads, we then came up with the creative campaign for further ads including copywriting which were light-hearted and humorous, encapsulating the company’s personality.

This was an important step in their advertising campaign as it showed how Wellbeing think differently from other food retail chains and it gave them an opportunity to tell the stories that proved their passion.

We chose a typographical approach for this creative ad campaign that helped differentiate it from its competitors in Sydney and attracted the readers interest.

Another health aspect that Wellbeing wanted to communicate to their audience was the wide range of gluten free choices available in their stores. Based on the initial brand positioning ad, this version focuses further on the variety a coeliac has when choosing food from Wellbeing and the ease of which they can do it.

Continuing in the light-hearted tone, this ad further supports the company’s brand image which we were also involved with. Designing visual cues such as the 40 choices branding device.

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