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Event branding and marketing material, including brand identity, promotional poster and brochure graphic design for Australia-wide theatrical school event.

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Event Branding & Marketing / Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Brochure / Poster / Promotional Material

Wakakirri is a theatrical story festival for primary and secondary schools that features an Australia-wide dance and drama competition. They worked with Percept, a creative agency in Sydney, on the design of all their event branding and marketing material.

Between 1997 and 2006, Percept (formerly Eye Scream Graphic Design Sydney) handled all of Wakakirri’s event branding and marketing material requirements.

The main objectives for the visual brand identity and graphic design was to explain what the Wakakirri event is, to show that it is a national event and for it to be able to appear on any coloured background.

It also had to fit with a diverse palette of design and themed imagery that is used to brand the event from year to year.

The brochure design for the Wakakirri brand is the flagship for the visual theme of each year. It serves to inform and inspire potential entrants from schools around Australia. The final design is to be appealing to students of all ages as well as parents and the teaching staff.

We also designed and publish the heat and grand final programs to be sold on the night. Their purpose is to raise revenue for the event and reinforce the other event branding and marketing efforts.

The poster design features the event branding and marketing imagery for each year. It is displayed within schools and public places to promote the event among students, their families and teachers.

The idea is to have a visually striking poster design that portrays Wakakirri as ‘cool’ and informs the viewer of the dates and locations of the Australia-wide festival.

Videos are sold with footage from heats and grand final performances. The aim of the graphic design on their covers is to reinforce the brand and achieve maximum sales potential.

Certificates are awarded to students for achievement in various categories. The graphics change from year to year to suit the overall theme, yet the colour coding and sizes remain consistent for those who are successful over consecutive years.

Each year we design a T-shirt to be sold on the night. Its purpose is to raise revenue for the organisation as well as act as a promotional device reinforcing the event branding and marketing. The main objective is to produce something that most young people will actually want to wear so we can maximise sales across all ages to help with the event branding and marketing.



Event Branding & Marketing

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