Catholic Healthcare

Creative Campaign

Selected from top creative agencies in Sydney, Percept developed this creative campaign. It exposes the harsh reality of elder abuse and aims to raise awareness around real-life situations by confronting common problems head-on.

Case Study

Creative Campaign Concept Development, Art Direction & Design by Percept Creative Agencies

The Challenge

As part of Percept creative agencies ongoing partnership with the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit we developed a creative campaign to raise awareness of the different forms abuse can take and where it often happens.

With such a confronting subject matter, Percept creative agencies wanted to make the creative campaign immediately relatable, so as to convey an honest and powerful message. Our strategy was to communicate in the first person to drive home the victim’s point of view.

The Solution

Of the various creative campaigns presented, the chosen concept was titled “Now and Then”. It features evocative portraits of elderly people reflecting on happier family times.

The subjects appear with a photo looking into their past. This is then paired with a two-part headline, where the past and present are juxtaposed.

Sourcing the appropriate models and working with the right photographer were crucial to achieving a sincere and honest result in this creative campaign. The execution retains a sensitivity while clearly communicating a strong message that cannot be ignored.

This creative campaign by Percept creative agencies is designed to raise awareness of scenarios that are happening under society’s nose. It aims to draw attention to and expose offenders. It also challenges the perpetrators to re-think their actions by forcing them to think about the situation from the point of view of their senior family-member and the affect these actions actually have on them.

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