Rebranding, website design and print communications project for AT&L engineering company by Percept Brand Design in Sydney.

Case Study

Percept is a creative agency that specialises in high quality, professional rebranding and website design, such as this example for civil engineering company AT&L in Sydney.

As expert consultants at the forefront of civil engineering design and project management, AT&L required a well designed website that would represent them in the best possible light amongst their fellow professionals and industry peers.

The Sydney company met with a shortlist of rebranding and website design professionals and ultimately selected Percept to be entrusted with this project that was obviously very important to the success of their business.

AT&L strive to offer a quality personalised service that delivers a balance of economic and sustainable solutions for every client.

They are passionate about the delivery of every development and are always striving to exceed client expectations.

Whatever the business size, AT&L have the knowledge, experience, ability and vision to help deliver every project on time and on budget.

Their rebranding and website design Sydney needed to reinforce this positioning and since the launch, it has done very well for their business indeed.

The project grew from just a new website design to a full rebranding exercise, including print communications for all their marketing endeavours.



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