Creating a buzz for healthier lifestyle choices with a new website design for Buzzz Bar in Sydney.

Case Study

The Challenge

Buzzz Bar is a brand new family business in Sydney offering unique products to consumers as part of the health food revolution. Their Mission is to provide the community with delicious, healthy options, that give their customers the feeling of ‘having a treat’ and have them leave the store Buzzz-ing with excitement.

A new, contemporary style website design was required to encourage customer engagement through key brand messaging that would appeal to all ages as well as vegans and fitness conscious consumers.

The Solution

The new website design utilises a predominantly white aesthetic with splashes of colour to promote a fun, fit and healthy visual experience. Lifestyle inspired photography is scattered throughout the website design, creating a sense of authenticity by focusing on people and their positive engagement with the products.

Bands of yellow are used to highlight key information and reinforce the brand presence. Each product is well represented using fresh product photography composited together to create a dynamic and visually engaging snapshot of ingredients used.

It has received positive feedback from the Buzzz Bar team for its effective delivery of what they have on offer and the result is a fresh and compelling digital experience that works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile for best connection with their active audience.



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