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Giving our furry companions a voice, in a fun and quirky new website design Sydney for pet care brand, Tommy Dog.

Case Study

Website Design Sydney

The Challenge

Tommy Dog is a Western brand of pet care products available in the Korean market. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, ear wash and tear stain remover. Percept were approached with the task of developing a new website design that would appropriately represent the brand and add a quirky touch to help separate it from its competitors, using an element of fun.

The Solution

Percept created a fun and playful new website design, utilising strong colour, specific to each product and endearing photography that speaks directly to dog lovers.

Creative headline copywriting gives man’s best friend a chance to voice their personalities, thoughts and needs that relate directly to each product. Imagining what these furry friends would say if they could talk adds a humorous, human touch, unique to the brand.

The charming brand voice is echoed throughout the copywriting of the entire site, guiding the user through the content. The result is an appealing new website design that is interactive and engaging, and visually represents what Tommy Dog pet care is all about; people, pets and their mutual love for each other.



Website Design Sydney

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