Bringing transportation planning and traffic engineering experts, Colston Budd Rogers Kafes into the digital space with a new, responsive website design.

Case Study

The Challenge

Colston Budd Rogers Kafes (CBRK) have been in business for over 30 years, offering expert advice and service on transportation planning and traffic engineering, traffic studies, parking studies and when required, land and environment court work. When they came to Percept, they had no online presence at all, so new customers were only gained by word-of-mouth.

Wanting to reach a wider pool of clients, CBRK approached us to create a simple, responsive website design, which offered top level information about the company.

The Solution

This responsive website design is simple and professional, embodying CBRK’s work ethos and their shift into the contemporary era. The almost monochromatic colour spectrum communicates authenticity and sophistication, allowing the content to shine.

Bold typography and overlapping design elements are a nod to the logo, representing growth and ‘thinking outside the box’. Call to action is prominent within the navigation and visible from every page, keeping usability and conversions top of mind.

The responsive website design translates fluidly across both mobile and desktop platforms, giving CBRK’s customers the ability to access information easily while on-the-go.

The outcome is a fully responsive website design, with accessibility taken into account. The new site is enhancing brand perceptions while aptly representing the CBRK brand positioning in the online space.



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