Percept digital design agency Sydney, created this beautiful web design for events and functions specialist, The Elite Cruise Company in Australia.

Case Study

Percept is a digital design agency Sydney with a great reputation for creative web design, so when this high end cruise company needed a web design to promote their Sydney event and function business, they found the perfect partner.

Specialising in weddings as well as corporate events, Elite cruise the harbour with spectacular views of the Sydney CBD.

They have two high quality vessels to choose from with a wide variety of event, entertainment and catering packages available.

The brief was to create a beautiful web design that would appeal to the discerning event organiser who would most likely be a well-off bride-to-be or a PA with budget to arrange an impressive corporate event in Sydney.

Either way, it would be odds-on that this web design would need to win over a female who desires one of the very best function providers that Sydney has to offer. So the web design experience needed to effectively represent the high standards that they would expect for the event itself.

Soft lines and an aquatic colour scheme frame the beautiful photos that depict the actual views that can be enjoyed when on an Elite cruise.

The intent was to emulate a premium print brochure in the web design Sydney and for there to be very few structured horizontal or vertical lines so the site looked in no way like a template style site.

The web design was to represent a unique and beautiful experience that was in line with the offering of the cruises themselves. Easy to understand navigation was also important so that the user could access the information they were after without any confusion.

We’re sure you will agree that this web design by digital design agency Sydney, Percept, provides an experience that effectively answers the brief provided by the client.

If you are interested in web design Sydney for events within Australia, contact digital design agency Sydney, Percept, for an estimate on your project.


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