Brand & Website Design

Percept is the branding specialist responsible for the brand and website design for this professional service provider's digital presence.

Case Study

Brand & Website Design Agency

Branding agency Percept developed this brand and website design for LawWare, a professional services software development company in Sydney.

LawWare have been providing software design and development solutions for the legal industry for over 25 years.

As their digital, branding and website design specialist in Sydney, branding agency, Percept, created a concept driven website design that highlighted the positives of LawWare’s software development for users within the legal industry.

When it comes to website design and development in Sydney, Percept is a branding company that is an effective choice. Percept’s team of professional brand designers as well as web designers and developers are all in-house.

Brand and website design experts, Percept, design and develop custom website solutions that satisfy each client’s individual brief. As branding specialists, brand designers, Percept, possess a wealth of knowledge in the area, enabling the creation of brand and website design that can truly transform businesses.

LawWare approached branding agency, Percept, many years ago to create their brand naming and branding design. They then wanted a fairly simple brand and website design for their digital presence.

The outcome has a modern, corporate website design aesthetic and is slick in the way it operates. The look and feel is consistent with their new brand naming, branding design and website design which Percept created, so everything worked well together.

If you are interested in a branding agency in Sydney with a proven track record in brand and website design, contact Percept today.