Property Branding

Percept are brand designers in Sydney, chosen by this company to create the property branding and website design for their new development.

Case Study

Property Branding by Percept, Brand Designers

Hazcorp is a developer that create communities that people call home. They chose brand designers, Percept, for the property branding of their new development. This property branding project also required  website design with a content management system so they could add land offers as they released them and maintain the status of plots as they sold. They didn’t want to have to come back through a website design company to make frequent and small edits to manage the content of their website.

The brief for Percept’s brand designers was to create an aspirational, lifestyle focused, brochure style website design that promoted the NSW South Coast. It is an area Hazcorp is dedicated to through the development of sustainable communities that provide affordable options for people to call home.

Percept satisfied these property branding requirements by heavily focusing on imagery of the local area.

The images were shot by a photographer from the region who was familiar with the best vantage points. People could then easily envisage themselves moving to a more desirable environment than where they currently reside, which is usually a more hectic city of Sydney or surrounding urban areas.

Because many of the users would be of an older demographic, the brand designers of Percept aimed to find a balance between following general website design conventions so the site was very easy to operate, whilst keeping the design warm and friendly and not feeling too technical or boxy as some websites do.

Part of the property branding project was to also develop the brand identities and logo designs for both the property developers, Hazcorp, as well as their first project, named Village Green. As such this was a comprehensive property branding and website design project.

If you require property branding and website design for a new project that you have in the works, the brand designers at Percept would be interested in discussing the project with you.