Just Promotions

Creative Agency Sydney

Design branding specialist, Percept, is a creative agency Sydney. Percept, designed these creative digital advertising campaigns for online media promotions.

Case Study

Creative Agency Sydney, Percept Design Branding, Develops Digital Advertising Campaigns and Digital Advertising

As part of their design branding services, creative agency Sydney, Percept, developed these creative digital advertising campaigns to spark interest within the marketing industry for Sydney based company Just Promotions.

Just Promotions enlisted the help of the design branding team at creative agency, Percept, to come up with clever advertising campaigns aimed their peers in Australian creative agencies and the greater marketing communications community.

With the creative advertising campaigns, Just Promotions aimed to generate more sales in the creative, advertising, design branding and marketing industries by working with Percept, creative agency Sydney. The goal was to develop engaging campaigns that accurately represented the design branding services offered.

The branding strategy for these creative advertising campaigns was to increase design branding and awareness among B&T readers, gain new business from large corporate clients, and achieve cut-through across digital platforms and also apply the same creative in press advertising too.

Creative agency Sydney, Percept, developed clever, conceptual and creative digital advertising campaigns for all the required online executions that also considered the desire to roll them out in design branding and print advertising campaigns too.

The design branding concept plays on the strength of the recognisable character attributes, complemented by creative copywriting for the headlines.

Using bold colour blocking and just enough of each famous character’s features, creative advertising campaigns were developed, grabbing the attention of the target audience.

The supporting taglines are punchy and smart, relating to both the featured character and the idea of making a brand impact through the use of Just Promotions’ licensed characters.

These ads combine to form creative advertising campaigns that are clever, succinct and suitable for all types of digital executions.

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