Email design and EDM design Sydney.
Percept is a digital creative agency who develop effective email marketing campaigns, specialising in newsletters that cut through.

Email Marketing, Email Design & EDM Design Sydney

Are you searching for ‘Email Design Sydney’ or ‘EDM Design Sydney’, to find just the right company for your email marketing?

If you want a professionally designed and effective email marketing campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. Percept are know for attention grabbing EDM design Sydney. We produce creative email newsletters and templates for distribution to your subscriber database around the corner or around the globe.

Working with a good digital design agency is usually the difference between a newsletter being read or not. Percept are communication design specialists, so this is our area of expertise. Combine that with the delivery technology we use and you get a truly effective direct marketing campaign that will result in improved brand awareness, more traffic to your website and lead to an increase in sales.

You can track and manage your email marketing campaign with detailed reports. This allows you to view who has opened the message, what links they’ve clicked and a whole host of other informative statistics. Now you can be in full control of your campaigns.

As you can see from the EDM design examples above, we have plenty of experience in creating attractive newsletters for big brands and businesses of all sizes.

Sending a targeted EDM message straight to a potential customer’s inbox is a fantastic opportunity to capture their attention. Deliver your message and provide them with a clear call to action. It is a direct marketing platform that has become incredibly effective as a way to reach today’s customer.

It’s easy to understand why, because it is cost effective, measurable and if the email design is good… successful.

It’s also worth noting that Percept’s email design is award winning in the email marketing industry. We have been featured in the Campaign Monitor Gallery as well as winning a coveted Inbox Award.

If you are interested in improving your EDM design to more effectively grow your business, simply contact us. We’re keen to help you start sending more professional email marketing campaigns.



Email Marketing, Email Design & EDM Design

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