Sydney digital designers, Percept worked with public relations company Bang PR on this infographics project for NAB.

Case Study

Percept are digital designers in Sydney, who were given the challenge to create timeline infographics for NAB to be used on their website.

Infographics were designed and created for online use, illustrating interest rate activity and other significant milestones from selective dates in Australia’s modern history. Percept worked closely with Sydney based Bang PR as the digital designers on this project.

As one of the big four banks in Australia, the NAB brand is well established within the corporate digital space.

In creating the timeline infographic design, Percept had to consider the existing design style of NAB and make sure that whatever graphics were designed for this project would be consistent with the style of their current brand campaign which was designed by another design agency.

Key digital brand elements such as font and colour were maintained as well as the fun, animated style of the infographic images.

As the chosen Sydney digital designers on this project, Percept created an entire new set of custom infographic images to help tell the story of the interest rates and other milestones over this time period.

Being for the digital space, these infographics needed to work well at small sizes and with limited colours.

Faced with these challenges, Percept’s solution was bold, exciting and expressive in its combined use of digital graphics, illustrative icons and fun typography to create an informative and clearly communicative infographic timeline.