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Branding and website design for Pinnacle Pools in Sydney by Percept.

Case Study

Branding & Website Design

Aimed at architects and wealthy homeowners, Pinnacle Pools in Sydney required branding and website design to showcase their designer pools in a very picturesque online brochure style website.

With much proven experience in branding and website design, Percept were the obvious choice for this project that actually repositioned the company and who they were targeting for more effective results.

Having built many unique designer pools in sites throughout Sydney, Sparkle Pools as they were formerly known, approached Percept for their branding project.

They sold the retail arm of the business along with the business name, so Percept’s first requirement was brand naming services to find an appropriate name for the design and construction side of their company.

Pinnacle Pools was then born to appeal to their true target audience who desire the ultimate pool for their unique and individual, architecturally designed homes. Pinnacle is for those who want the best.

The branding began with the brand naming, then the new brand logo design soon followed. Tasteful, free-flowing lines were chosen to symbolise both the fluidity of water as well as the designer lines and curves of a custom built pool.

Company stationery, site signage and printed brochures were then all created to provide Pinnacle with high quality and professional marketing material which aided them in their sales process. This material was multi-purpose, whether it was directly targeted at the designer home owner or to the professional landscape designer or architect in Sydney.

Overall though, the branding and website design are the real heroes in their sales arsenal as they beautifully showcase their previous work and as you know, a picture speaks a thousand words. If their customers can see high quality examples that they like, then that will be what they desire.

Pinnacle’s capabilities and experience are demonstrated visually, instilling trust in their target market, making the branding and website design project a success.



Branding & Website Design

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