Social Media Design

Percept are the design branding specialists in Sydney, Australia selected by Sennheiser for their social media design in advertising campaigns.

Case Study

Social Media Design by Design Branding Specialists, Percept

Sennehiser Australia chose brand designerPercept, for design branding when they teamed up with the Laneway Festival and ran a competition. They were giving away ‘sold out’ tickets to each event around Australia and required design branding for social media, digital design and advertising.

The digital design for these advertising campaigns was aimed at increasing design branding awareness and generating more ‘likes’ for their accounts featuring social media design.

With experience in social media design and advertising campaigns, design branding experts, Percept, were wary that the no more than 20% text rule needed to be adhered to and we also wanted to create attractive social media design and advertising campaigns that the target market would be attracted to.

A blue-toned hipster filter was used across the image of festival goers, complimenting the Sennehsier company colour.

A simple and clear type treatment was used for the call to action, which was the carrot on the end of the stick.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is a cutting edge music festival which has always been interested in promoting fresh acts and bringing them to unique settings to be appreciated by music lovers who are in the know.

The size and locations of the festivals as well as their sense of community, form a live music experience like no other.

This is a philosophy Sennehiser supports, so it made sense for their branding strategy, to be associated with them through social media design on these advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in working with a design branding agency for social media, digital design and advertising campaigns, and you would like brand designer, Percept, to help you, simply contact us today.