Virgin Australia

Email Template Design

Email template design services by Percept, in Sydney for Virgin Australia.

Case Study

Email Template Design

Virgin Australia approached Sydney digital design agency Percept, to create their email templates because they felt their existing email template design was dry, dated and quite often being ignored.

Working within technical parameters of Virgin Australia’s existing email system, Percept developed a new email template design that was clean, contemporary, on brand and most importantly, easily read so that their messaging was getting through.

Each email template design needed to be updated easily, edited and sent by the Virgin Australia team using their existing system.

Further to this, each email template design had very specific functionality requirements, so this had to be considered as part of the creative solution.

Practical design thinking paired with some clever coding resulted in functional, clean and vibrant email template design that work effectively for their specific purpose across the suite of templates, enabling them to fit perfectly into the Virgin Australia brand.