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Social Networking Website Design

The next Facebook? Who can tell? But the WotsDoin social networking website design has a pretty cool interface, don’t you think?

WotsDoin is a privacy focussed, anti bullying social networking website. The design for the front end was created by digital design agency Percept in Sydney. The idea of the website is to connect and share your world in a safe online environment.

The brief for the front end of this social networking website design was to create an energetic and exciting interface that was easy to use, that would also engage the user and draw them in.

The website interface design was to be clean and bright and be clearly recognised as a social networking site.

The website and its interface design would be used by a target audience from young teens to late 30’s.

The end result is a fun, dynamic and colourful social networking website design. The client says that it makes for a pretty cool interface that they’re sure people will be keen to use.

If you are interested in social networking website design, digital design agency Percept would love the opportunity to hear about your project.



Social Networking Website Design

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