Armory Wharf Cafe

Branding Company

Percept is a design agency in Sydney, Australia. Percept focus on branding. That is why Percept were appointed as the branding company that created new branding and website design for hospitality company Armory Wharf Cafe.

Case Study

Design Agency, Percept is a Branding Company with Experience in the Hospitality Industry

Design agency, Percept, was appointed as the branding company for this hospitality brand. As the chosen branding company, Percept developed the brand identity and visual style, and then built the website design for this hospitality brand Armory Wharf Cafe, based in Sydney, Australia.

Armory Wharf Cafe came to design agency, Percept, because they didn’t want a stock standard looking website design created by a typical web company. They were specifically looking for a specialist branding company. It also helped that Percept had plenty of experience in branding for the hospitality industry.

They wanted a graphic design agency and branding company such as Percept as a specialist, to create for them a unique website design for their restaurant that represented their special location and brand personality.

Branding company, Percept, enjoyed working on this hospitality branding project because there was a good theme to work with due to the site’s history and links to the Armory. Add to this the fantastic architecture of the restaurant building and the recipe was there for visually stimulating result that Percept, the design agency, could apply throughout the entire website design.

The end result by branding company, Percept, is a unique website design experience that accurately represents this hospitality business in Australia.

It goes to show that your website design doesn’t have to look like an average template driven site if you work with a specialist design agency or branding company for your online presence.

Branding company, Percept, has also helped Armory with their restaurant branding and email marketing campaigns. Providing graphic design for their e-newsletter template that they send out to their contacts on a regular basis keep their hospitality branding front of mind.

If you have a similar project for the hospitality industry such as a cafe or restaurant, branding company Percept would love the opportunity to be your design agency.