Sydney brand packaging designers for Aldi Supermarkets Australia.

Case Study

Sydney agency, Percept Brand Design, have been engaged as packaging designers for Aldi stores which are now enjoying large marketshare around Australia. They’ve become a favoured alternative to the supermarket experience that we have been used to with Coles and Woolworths.

They focus on quality and value for money. Aldi Australia mostly stock their own brands that offer similar products to more popular brands at a more attractive price point.

Percept Brand Design have worked on packaging projects that allude to visual cues influenced by other more familiar brands that produce similar products.

The consumer can then identify that the product is similar, although it is clear that it is Aldi’s house brand and that it would represent a cost saving at the checkout.

A major prerequisite for all Sydney packaging designers on FMCG is for strong point of sale impact and appeal to parents and children alike.

Due to the focus on efficiency in Aldi stores, product packaging is to have easily scannable barcodes. Also bulk products are displayed at point of sale on the palette that they are delivered on. This has to be taken into consideration as we’ve done on the 40 pack cartons where each box is a tile of a larger pattern.

Each product features branding of the Chazoos logo design which we were recently asked to refresh.

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