Brand and Packaging Design

Australian design agency, Percept, provide a fresh take on brand and packaging design for two seafood brands, Soltuna and Solomon Blue Tuna.

Case Study

Brand and Packaging Design by Australian Design Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Australian design agency, Percept, was selected for this brand and packaging design project by a seafood company in the Pacific Islands.

Soltai is the only tuna processing company in the seafood industry in the Solomon Islands, which is renowned for their quality tuna products in both the domestic and international seafood market.

Due to the influx of cheap seafood products from Asia, the company had found a decrease in market share. Australian design agency, Percept, was engaged for the branding of the Soltuna and Solomon Blue Tuna ranges to enhance their brand image and ensure the new brand and packaging design would stand-out and be recognised in an increasingly competitive seafood market.

The Solution

Following competitor research, Australian design agency, Percept, created a distinctive brand and packaging design refresh for the two product ranges to ensure each would have their own individual image in the market.

A clean, refined, custom logo design was developed for Soltuna, their premium tuna range. The gold and white colour palette is sophisticated and premium, with the banner style layout projecting a trustworthy and established image. Paired with a dark gradient incorporating flavour colour indicators. The refreshed branding and packaging design has immediate impact internationally.

Elements of the original Solomon Blue label were refined and unified, creating a strong contemporary logo that feels fresh and approachable. The refreshing water droplets on the new brand and packaging design is a nod to the original label and embodies the company values of Soltai’s tuna being pure and natural. With strong colour blocking indicating each flavour, the new Solomon Blue brand and packaging design has clear cut-through on shelf and a unique brand image of its own.

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