Packaging Design

New packaging design for a unique and innovative blood glucose test system by Percept, a top packaging design agency Sydney.

Case Study

Packaging Design Agency Sydney

The Challenge

National Diagnostic Products (NDP) is a reputable Australian owned company founded in 1988. They develop, manufacture and sell blood glucose test systems for diabetes worldwide. In need of packaging design, they were seeking a top packaging design agency Sydney and found Percept.

Packaging design agency, Percept, were asked to create the packaging design for the breakthrough Betachek C50 Blood Glucose Meter to highlight its unique offering and establish the product as an easy-to-use, professional and reliable product.

The Solution

The packaging design for this medical product is kept simple, with clear communication of the product name, descriptor and product image in combination with white space to give a feel of trustworthiness which is important for medical products.

Percept is a top packaging design agency with expertise in branding and communication design. This is why the pack reveals the Betachek C50’s unique offerings through clear captions and simple icons that reinforce that the product is a no-fuss solution that does its job, whilst being compact enough to fit in your pocket.

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