Percept were chosen to redesign the branding of BIG W’s price fighting, own brand, Smart Value. The result was a new brand image and a styleguide for the revamped packaging design to be rolled-out across 800+ SKUs.

Case Study

The Challenge

The Smart Value brand was launched as Big W’s own brand for everyday value items. The brand is positioned in the price fighter category, under ‘good’ in the good/better/best architecture.

There are over 800 SKUs under the Smart Value brand, ranged across several different categories. The purpose was to redevelop the brand in terms of logo, colour scheme, packaging layout and messaging hierarchy, followed by the output of an extensive styleguide, which included packaging templates for key product category items.

The Solution

Sydney creative agency Percept, designed a visual language especially for the ‘value’ category. The use of bold colour, sans-serif typography and clear messaging gives an approachable and affordable feel.

To make the customer’s shopping experience as straight-forward as possible, we designed a packaging system that has clear hierarchy of information and consistency on shelf, so customers can easily navigate and assess key information quickly, aiding their decision making process.

Strong contrasting colours create strong shelf blocking for high visual impact, simple illustrations or product photography allow easy package content identification. Holding devices are used for essential information i.e. sizing or quantities. The layout and pack grid is easily modified across various product ranges.

The styleguide stipulates grids, rules and formulas so that consistency can be achieved by international suppliers and the result appears uniform when arranged in-store, here in Australia.