Percept is the design agency that worked with health and medical products company Bioxyne, on their packaging label design.

Case Study

The Challenge

In need of a top design agency for their packaging label design job, Bioxyne is an ASX listed company, in the Australian life sciences, health and medical technologies sector. They develop health products globally, and have scientifically and clinically tested probiotics, and can claim this over and above their competitors because of the clinical trials conducted on all of their products.

They use the tagline ‘bringing science to wellness’. This claim was not featured strongly enough on their existing packaging label design and with the launch of a new product, they approached top design agency, Percept, to create the packaging label design to better position their full range of products in the market.

The Solution

Design agency, Percept, created a brand led packaging label design with a focus on strong shelf shout and clarity of communication design. For their refrigerated products, hierarchy of on-pack label information, with the flexibility to apply to future products was important and we went about this packaging label design project with this in mind.

Initially selling online in Australia, design agency, Percept, looked at category conventions to give the brand a higher chance of getting into pharmacies, with expansion into the Chinese market to follow.

The new medical packaging design is professional, credible, and approachable. Most of all, the packaging label design helps distinguish between these health products in the range and conveys a high volume of critical information in a clearer manner than the label design of the previous packaging.

Percept is a top design agency because of our expertise in packaging label design. If you have a brief to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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