Australian branding agency, Percept, were selected for the brand creation and packaging design for China project with this export product of bottled water.

Case Study

As specialists in brand creation and packaging design for China, Percept is an Australian branding agency with much experience in designing labels for different beverages, such as water and wine for export from Australia to Asia.

This is why Tianda chose brand creation experts, Percept the Australian branding agency in Sydney, to work on the packaging design for China of their Australian bottled water brand, Blue Valley Water.

Tianda had identified a huge opportunity to market the Chinese sales of pure Australian water from the unspoilt island of Tasmania.

From this, the creative brief was developed for brand creation and packaging design for China, that was clean and simple. The idea being that it would fittingly represent the purity of the product inside.

Another reason for a crisp and uncomplicated bottled water label design was that it needed to be clearly understood in two languages, both Chinese and English.

Very quickly, this packaging for China had to effectively communicate what the product was, where it was from and why it was special as it would only be glanced at by potential consumers in a busy retail supermarket shopping situation. This is why they chose to work with Australian branding agency, Percept, due to their experience in brand creation for Asia.

If you are interested in packaging design for China, whether it be bottled water, wine or other beverages or products for export to Asia, Australian branding agency Percept would be happy to share our experience with you.


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