Packaging Designers

Sydney packaging designers, Percept, develop food packaging design and product label design for international food brand Continental.

Case Study

Food Packaging Design by Packaging Designers, Percept

Packaging designers, Percept, are well-respected for their food packaging design. Percept worked closely with Unilever Food Solutions in Sydney on the communication design, and food packaging design for the labels of the food service products of their Continental brand.

With Chefs and cooks as the main target market for this food packaging design, the key messages we were aiming to communicate for Continental revolved around quality.

Food photography was featured by the packaging designers of Percept, to visually demonstrate that the Continental gluten free range of products deliver on quality without compromising on taste. In fact, Chefs would still achieve a top quality end result at reduced time and cost when compared to making it from scratch.

It was also important for the packaging designers to make sure the labels were cleanly branded with the Continental logo so the Chef would know the product was from a reputable brand that they know and trust.

In addition to these considerations, Percept‘s packaging designers also made sure that the food packaging design was simple and displayed the product name clearly. This is very important in a busy kitchen where time is of the essence and locating the correct product swiftly makes all the difference.

The packaging designers at Sydney design agency, Percept, developed food packaging design with a quick reference icon system that informs the Chef about important information regarding the product and its benefits.

Unlike a retail product, where the front of the food packaging design is critical to sell the product from the shelf, it is not as important in the food service market. As a result, a decision was made by the packaging designers at Percept, to combine traditional back label nutritional information onto the side of the front label design to keep printing costs down and pass this saving onto the customer.

To coincide with the launch of the new Continental food packaging design, a promotional pack and marketing material was designed by Percept, UFS’s design agency in Sydney.

These items were used by sales reps to educate the professional food industry about the product launch and the benefits it represented to their target audience.

If you are interested in food packaging design by our packaging designers, please contact us, Percept would love to be your design agency.