Brand identity refresh, professional packaging and label design for natural candle products.

Case Study

Ecoya create candles made from natural ingredients like soy and palm wax.

Their existing brand identity and packaging design weren’t representing them in a professional way, which is why Ecoya asked Sydney graphic design agency Percept to refresh their branding.

They also asked us to improve their label designs to communicate more strongly what they were all about.

We kept the design simple – back to basics, back to nature, and the end result is clean, striking and easily identifiable.

The label design brief for the Ecoya consumer home product range was that they had to look beautiful.

The product packaging was to be something that the buyer used within their house, so we needed to compliment their environment.

The design also needed to continue in the same feel as the brand identity refresh; clean, simple and natural, while still conveying a sense of indulgence and style.

Using tints of a single colour on an uncoated stock allowed us to communicate style and nature simultaneously whilst keeping to the client’s budget.

Through colours and simple labelling, the design quickly communicates to the consumer both the fragrance and the intended use for the product.

The simplicity of the graphic design also helps the product fit in with a potential customer’s home decoration.