Aulida Cosmetics

Packaging Design Agency

Aulida Cosmetics chose packaging designer, Percept, as their branding and packaging design agency. This range of skincare products is made in Australia and exported to the Chinese market.

Case Study

Packaging Design Agency

The Challenge

After developing the Forlisa branding and designing their Chinese retail stores, packaging design agency, Percept, was engaged as the packaging designer for their skincare products aimed at adults and mums.

Although these products are Australian made, they are for Chinese consumers who have different tastes and triggers when it comes to branding and packaging design. Specialist insight and knowledge was important on this project and packaging designer, Percept, was selected because of our extensive experience as a packaging design agency for export to China and other Asian markets.

The Solution

Percept is a packaging design agency that has specialist branding designers and packaging designers for Australian products that are exported to China. As such, simple design with strong colour differentiation was recommended by packaging design agency, Percept, to be as clear as possible in communication design.

A real focus on the hero ingredient of each product was the main branding strategy when Percept, the packaging design agency, created the solution for this skincare range. This is the most effective way to connect with consumers who value quality and authenticity when shopping for personal care products.

When these products are displayed in the Forlisa retail stores in China, they are ranged according to ingredient, creating clusters of colour among the natural tones of the store’s fit-out. Consumers are well informed of the benefits of the active ingredients and often purchase the entire set of products that feature the ingredient that appeals to their situation.

The packaging design for adult products proved so successful in China that Aulida Cosmetics engaged branding designer and packaging designer, Percept, to develop a baby range for them too.