Grove Juice

Branding / Label Design

Retail branding and label design for Australian beverage company Grove Juice.

Case Study

Beverage Branding / Label Design

Percept were selected for this retail branding and beverage label design project as an alternative to a big name Australian packaging agency.

Naturally different, is the tagline that Grove use for their fruit juice and that was the essence of the brief for the rebranding project as well as the new label for their product range which is led by the hero, Juice Of Orange.

Sydney creative agency, Percept, drew on their experience in beverage packaging design to develop a modern brand with a vibrant personality that would engage with the customer at point of sale.

Grove is sold in white packaging which protects the nutrients of the product and gives them stand out within the category. This was a great base to create a brand that was truly different from its competitors.

In an effort to communicate that Grove Juice was more special than the other products around it, we designed the branding as an insight into the Grove world. It symbolises that the fruit juice is nature’s finest and it gives off feelings of the freshness and hand picked quality you can expect from Grove.

Our aim was to create an engaging label design that would appear friendly and inviting to the customer. The result is a quirky beverage label design with a welcoming personality.

The tree acts as the brand’s logo device and the base panel is colour coded according to the flavour of the juice.

Since its launch, the new packaging design has been well received in the crowded retail beverage sector. It provides Grove with a brand persona with substance because it is memorable and sets them apart from their competitors.


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