Delicious new packaging design for Australian confectionery wholesaler, Lolliland.

Case Study

The Challenge

Lolliland is Australia’s largest independent confectionery wholesaler, providing an extensive range of products including bagged and bulk confectionery, novelty, chocolate and US candy.

The packaging design brief was to create two new brands. The first, for a premium toffee caramel, and the second, for a party mix range of hard candy. Each was to provide a unique personality that would stand-out on shelf, whilst remaining true to the product and its price-point.

The Solution

As part of this packaging design project, Percept developed the brand name, ‘Gestures’ for the toffee caramel range. Inspired by the notion of giving in association to sweets, premium packaging design was created utilising refined typography and a limited colour palette that provides a sophistication that immediately elevates the product positioning to a high tier.

The party mix range was given its own personality relative to its audience with bright, fun colours that have cut-through on shelf. A theme of celebration for any occasion was the driving force behind this packaging design, and this idea was reinforced with the bold and energetic typography that appears to have a life of its own. The resulting packaging design bursts with excitement, and effectively captures the essence of the products it contains as they bring joy to consumers.