Packaging Designers

Pond's White Beauty range for the millennial Asian female market. The 'Pure You' creative was what the packaging designers at Percept, pitched as the concepts from our packaging design agency.

Case Study

Packaging Designers Concepts by Percept Packaging Design Agency

The Challenge

With a market saturated in cosmetic products, millennial women have so many options to choose from, as a result they seek innovation, honesty and confidence in packaging designers. Percept, packaging design agency,  was invited by open innovation platform Jovoto to submit concepts from our packaging designers for this Pond’s White Beauty project.

The challenge for Percept’s packaging designers, was to create concepts from the Percept packaging design agency that appeal to Gen Y Asian Females and achieves the balance of slick and contemporary design with a credible, professional and feminine feel that will connect with the target audience.

The key objective for Percept as a packaging design agency, was to disrupt the category. Our packaging designers created a younger feel for the packaging design concepts in order to have immediate standout from competitors.

The Solution

The ultimate desire is ‘purity’ in skintone – this concept is built around the feeling of empowerment that comes from taking control of your skincare and the journey to lighter and brighter, youthful-looking skin.

Packaging design agency, Percept put forward concepts from its packaging designers with the leading statement ‘Pure You’, which is both positive and inspiring. The stripped back, yet colourful design is courageous and striking. ‘Pure You’ is the hero message that drives the packaging, its strength is in its simplicity.

The type is clean and strong to ensure the message is legible. The colour palette is bold, vibrant and engaging, so as to cut-through in a saturated market. At this stage it is unclear whether the client will put this concept into production, although the packaging designers have applied the concepts for consideration to Daily Sunscreen SPF 15, Day Cream Normal Skin and the Facial Wash.

Searching for a top packaging design agency? Look no further than the packaging designers of Percept.