Solar Magic

Packaging Designers

Merlin distribute hardware, safety, solar and electrical products. Seeking packaging designers in Sydney for their retail packaging design and point of sale, they chose design agency, Percept.

Case Study

Packaging Design & Point Of Sale by the Packaging Designers of Design Agency, Percept

Packaging designers, Percept Design Agency Sydney, specialise in packaging design that achieves better retail sales by improving the point of sale appeal of products and brands.

Merlin Distribution has a range of solar lighting products called Solar Magic retailing in Bunnings Warehouse stores throughout Australia. They approached the packaging designers of design agency, Percept, to redesign their packaging and point of sale.

The main aim of the redesign brief for Percept’s packaging designers, was to create clearer communication for the brand with the point of sale design for their product range. This was so potential consumers can quickly and easily assess the key information they require to make a purchasing decision.

A simple, yet strong point of sale design was developed across the entire range of product packaging by design agency, Percept, in Sydney. This consistency made it very clear when consumers were evaluating the differences between each product, so they could make informed decisions quickly.

Being a value for money product, it was also important for packaging designers, Percept, to not over-do the packaging design and point of sale. The core idea by the Percept design agency, was for the products to immediately appear affordable and accessible to the everyday impulse buyer who may be perusing the aisles of these hardware stores.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so it was critical that the product photography displayed exactly what each product was.

Design agency, Percept, directed several photography shoots on location with our professional photographer to achieve a consistent result across the entire product range. This professional photography is the hero of each pack and we developed the design template around this imagery with icons and pull-outs that communicate each product’s benefits to encourage purchasing decisions through best-practice point of sale design.

As part of the packaging design, Percept’ packaging designers developed a more contemporary colour palette, as well as more modern typography. This also helps the products appear more relevant to the consumer in today’s retail point of sale environment.

If you would like to learn more about point of sale design or packaging design, Percept is a design agency with the expertise to help. Enquire now.