Tommy Dog

Product Branding & Packaging

Sydney design agency Percept specialise in product branding and packaging design. We were engaged by this new pet care company to develop their brand positioning and create all the label designs for their range.

Case Study

Product Branding & Packaging

Tommy Dog is a company making Australian pet care products available to the Asian market. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, ear wash and tear stain remover. They contacted Sydney design agency, Percept, for their product branding and packaging design. The creative brief was to develop new product branding and packaging design that appeals to pet owners, 20-40yrs old, middle income earners in the Asian market.

The intention was to establish Tommy Dog as a premium product at an affordable price and to differentiate the brand from its competitors. The product branding and packaging design was to align with the product’s major selling points which are natural ingredients, Australian origin and quality, whilst retaining a sense of fun.

The deliverables on this product branding and packaging design project were logo design, brand identity and label designs for the full product range.

Sydney design agency, Percept, wanted to create branding with a boutique feel and packaging design with a personality that is unique for the product category that would engage the target audience. The concept is playful, fun and establishes a strong presence on shelf.

The logo design is unique and approachable with the Tommy Dog character as a hero element of the brand. Icons and illustrations on the back label continue the brand style and create interest on the back of label designs.

This unique and memorable new product branding and packaging design launch has created a new selection of high quality Australian made products. So far, the new brand of pet care products have been very well received in the Asian market, with sales that are higher than expected.