Brand Packaging Design

Brand designers, Percept, develop professional brand packaging design and food packaging design for Unilever Australasia in Sydney.

Case Study

Brand Packaging Design

Brand designers, Percept, work closely with the Unilever Food Solutions team as their design agency in Sydney chosen to develop brand packaging design with roll-out to their full range of SKUs.

Their food products are for professional use within Australasia and are aimed at chefs. As such, they must appeal to their high standards.

Brand packaging design work for food products should always be authentic and appetising.

For every SKU, high quality food photography is used to enhance the attractiveness of the brand packaging design whilst displaying that the end result will not appear as packet mix solution.

When working with Unilever on their brand packaging design, brand designers, Percept, chose typography that is influenced by the country of origin of the product. It was to be clearly legible so as to quickly communicate what each individual SKU is during the busy services times of a commercial kitchen.

As brand designers, Percept were also conscious of informing the chefs of portion numbers and recipe steps using icons to clearly communicate this information.

The brand packaging design also reinforces the global branding efforts of the various Unilever master brands and sub-brands. Keeping their brands clearly visible in the appropriate hierarchy on each brand packaging design is of strategic importance to each family of products.

International branding guidelines are also observed to ensure cohesion of the Unilever brand and sub-brand logos on brand packaging design throughout the world.