Percept breathe life into Ambius’ BiOrb Terrarium and LivePicture marketing communications with new product brochure design.

Case Study

The Challenge

BiOrb is a premium product in Ambius’ range. The new marketing communications needed to reflect the qualities of the product and establish it as a high-end, stand out product within the market.

The product brochure design was to speak to the target audience in the Hospitality and Wellness Industry and establish BiOrb as a premium product to enhance the client’s working environment and give their customers a feeling of wellbeing.

The Solution

Percept created a new product brochure design, using typography to make the point, based on the concept “Bring the Outside In”.

Bringing a piece of the rainforest into your work space was the core of the idea. The tranquility and sanctuary of the forest contained for you to enjoy indoors. Rich lush layered imagery wraps around the text and the BiOrb itself, creating a strong connection between a hotel foyer or waiting room and the natural environment. A die-cut was used on the front of the brochure to draw focus to the product and emphasise the key messaging.

The brochure design was launched at the National Sales Conference and immediately received strong support from the Sales Team. This led to another project, which was the product brochure design for LivePicture.

A similar theme was applied using typography that interplays with photo imagery of the plant life to illustrate the unique proposition of this product. Essentially, it is live art, featuring plant-life, aimed at the professional work-place and office environment.