For trade show design Sydney, Percept are an effective creative agency, specialists in exhibition stand design that attracts traffic at industry events.

Exhibition Stand Design & Trade Show Design Sydney

Percept understand effective exhibition stand design. We develop creative stalls that look great, are on-brand and most importantly, attract foot traffic, at industry events. This is why we rank among the best for trade show design Sydney.

Percept understand that standing out in the crowd isn’t always about shouting the loudest, but creating an appropriate image for your brand that will connect with your target audience in the most effective way possible.

In the competitive environment of trade show design for industry events, conferences or exhibitions, Percept have experience in drawing attention to your brand’s stall and can also help with the creative and design for all your marketing material for the day, ensuring all elements work together in delivering the best impression possible.

We use clear, compelling design, with strategic messaging to develop creative and engaging marketing collateral which is specifically tailored to attracting your target audience at the event (for all the right reasons).

By combining creative capability with a well-thought-out strategic approach, our graphic design team produce trade show design packages for pull up banners, all types of printed, digital and merchandise marketing collateral that will help communicate your brand’s key message concisely. These elements will create engagement and work to reinforce the brand’s messaging along with the exhibition stand design itself.

Percept is a brand agency with expertise in communication design. This means we’re very effective in delivering stalls that achieve cut-through at busy events. We use our exhibition stand design experience to create spaces that are authentic to your brand’s personality, achieving authentic connections with your potential customers as a result.

The images shown here are a small selection of our work. Specific case studies can be provided on request.

If you are interested in effective graphic design and want an exhibition stand design that will attract potential customers, contact us today.


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