1800 Find Us


Branding and marketing graphic design of printed collateral for an Australian small business by brand agency Percept.

Case Study


The Challenge

1800 Find Us is a sales based small business focused on providing phonewords for businesses across Australia. They approached brand agency, Percept, with the task of creating new branding and marketing graphic design for print communications, which would encourage customers to make a direct enquiry by calling their number.

The Solution

Brand agency, Percept, created simple and bold branding with a strong feel. It uses a magnifying glass as a visual identifier that also represents the business name and product offering. The navy colour portrays the business as an established and trustworthy Australian brand.

As part of the branding project, the Percept band agency were also asked to develop the graphic design style for their marketing communications, which included items such as sales and trade brochures. As the brand agency, Percept also established a tone of voice for the copywriting and a custom style of simple and bold infographics as part of the overall marketing graphic design solution to flesh out the branding, giving the company a unique and ownable feel.

As a follow-up to the initial launch of the branding, and with a far more focused target audience, brand agency, Percept, developed a creative marketing campaign for 1300 The Vet as a seperate assignment.

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